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Boys’ and girls’ formal attire.

Have multiple children you need to christen? Come to us for all of your needs!


We carry tuxedos and dresses in all children’s sizes so that you can take care of your entire family at our one-stop shop. As far as brands go, we carry the following brands of dresses and suits:

    • Elena do Vale

    • Little Things Mean a Lot

    • L'Pety Canar

    • Piccolo Bacio

    • Princess Daliana

    • Christie Helene

    • Sweetie Pie Collection





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Make your child’s christening sacred.

The christening of your son or daughter is their first entry into the faith, so it should be as sacred and elegant as possible. You can do this by coming to our store for all of your christening formal wear because we only carry the most elegant items.

Take advantage of our competitive rates and pricing on all products today!

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